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What makes a great web app?

Interactive elements

Interactive elements are responsible for personalizing the experience for users and creating an interaction between user and content. Interactive elements can be used to understand user needs and provide value and relevant content.

Data Visualization

Data visualization benefits the web app in terms of user engagement, processing the information, and interactivity. It represents the data as charts, graphs, and maps to deliver an understanding of trends and patterns in data sets.

Role Based Access Control

The RBAC is trending for securing sensitive data and important applications. It allows users to only access information and data that is permitted for them to view as per their role (technical, admin, authority etc).

Analytics Integration

It allows businesses to collect data such as visitor traffic, user location, bounce rate, device type, time spent and so forth, which provides business owners with an overview to understand the market insights for their products and services.

Offline Data Management

Offline data management is best suited for web applications as it allows users to access the information and submit the forms even after their internet is disconnected. Storing data temporarily and pushing it to the server later improves the performance and user experience.


Choosing the right TechStack

It is important to choose the right technology stack for building web app solutions for your enterprise or startup idea. Our experts have 7+ years of experience in designing and developing medium to large scale web app solutions that deliver performance, usability, security and scalability.

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